Personalised Photo Candles

Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I am the owner of Macandlesuk. Ever since I was a child I had a big passion for candles, scents and everything related to crafting. Some of my candles can be totally personalised depending on the client needs. My candles, named “The Scented Jeweller Candles” are my new creation. Once the candle has been burned it becomes a lovely waterproof jeweller jar. -BURN IT, WASH IT AND HAVE A CUTE JEWELLER JAR- I hope you like my shop, if you want to buy any of my products, you are more than welcome. If you need any information, please, send me a private message and I'll be back to you as soon as possible or call me at any time. If you like my shop, why not sharing it with your friends and family. This will help to promote my work. If your passion is crafting, you can join my group Crafts and Things Uk on Facebook where you can buy, sell, share and link your work with all the other members. Thank you for visiting my shop! Maria Alles Macandlesuk