Handmade items coming to you straight from La Gomera!

Magic Talisman Bracelets handmade from La Gomera into your own home! We are a small family, Gabriela and Hajo, together with our little dog, a cool mix between a labrador and Jack Russel, named Lucky and whom you'll see in some pics that we will post here as well time to time :) We founded Lifeispuremagic with one simple goal in our minds: we feel we are blessed to live in such an amazing environment as the beautiful island of La Gomera and we wanted to help other people to feel and own a bit of magic from here. By wearing our products, necklaces or bracelets, or by lighting a candle into your own house, not only you will make your own dreams and wishes come true but you will receive a bit of magic directly from the island where Columb has his last stay before discovering the US. Always remember that we create our own reality and everything we strongly believe and dream of can be tomorrow´s reality! I do believe everything ends at the moment when you stop dreaming so come on, let s reignite this light together and let s start dreaming to a better tomorrow for you! All the rituals you will get together with your bracelets are personally tried by us and our friends and family, also by lots of our clients and I can definitely say more than 90 percent of them succeeded in achieving their dreams and goals. Now, don t imagine that if you have a dream that is impossible in real life this will actually happen but all the normal dreams and wishes can be helped with energy and with our tips and tricks so all you have to do is Dare and Try! Trying almost always attracts succeeding if you know how to approach it in the right way and with the right attitude. The story with our products is this: all of them are handmade items made directly by us and we make each and everyone unique and personalized for the purpose written in the description! The products are handcrafted in a pleasant environment with a lot of positive personal energy, combined with ancient techniques of success in dealing with various emotional, psychological and spiritual issues. We use only authentic materials, volcanic lava, along with high-quality semi-precious stones, carefully chosen for each talisman, so that it will soon become your protective amulet. Also, we strongly believe in the power of our talismans we have to tell you that wearing jewelry from our workshop does not exclude the visit to a specialist doctor whenever necessary, as volcanic lava and stones therapy are part of alternative healing therapies in the case of sickness or health-related problems. How does a bracelet or a necklace become a lucky talisman? The power of thought is invaluable, not for nothing Buddha tells us that you are what you think. For some people may not work and you're wondering "why does not it work?". Well, maybe you did not pass right what you want, maybe the intentions are not good or maybe it's not time. Maybe it's time to reconsider what you want or just wait for the right time. Wrong desire: I do not want to be sad again. Right is: I feel happy and so I will stay. For personalized bracelets or necklaces you will have to provide us ur name , date of birth ( year is not necessary) and also the main purpose you wish the bracelet or the necklace made for: bringing back the loved one, gaining more money, a better job, whatever it is you will have to talk to us . In the case of personalized items the actual time until we are ready to ship it is gonna be 4 days because we will contact you and discuss exactly what colors you like , you will also receive pictures of the product we made for you so you get to say the final approval and we will make sure to discuss all details before sending it to you so the result will be a Super Excited Happy client, you ! All our products will come together with a ritual printed on a piece of a paper and in which you will get some more information on what to do in order to achieve the maximum potential from your candle, necklace or bracelet. Now, in the end, I will write you a few more words of my activity so you get to know me even better based on my knowledge and courses :) I m a Reiki practitioner for years, also I attended lots of courses, such as Hermetic Healing Energy and Spiritual Healing Module I and Module II in December 2015, Bazi Practitioner Course in February 2016, Chinese Metaphysics for Health and Prosperity in November 2015 and more. I believe in helping others as much as I can and this is how this store started in our life. Every product is acting like a charm, they are all treated by me according to the purpose you will want it: you will find here bracelets that are for protection, for making a wish come true, for health, for improving the financial state, for attracting better opportunities into your life, the same will be with the necklaces and the candles . All products are handmade and all products will leave us after being purified and treated according to their future purpose! Practically the sky is the limit, whatever your wish is we can find a way together. We hope you 'll come to visit us if you ever visit La Gomera, we are always looking for new friends, write or contact us whenever you like, even just to say hi!

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Gabriela Burghel