Lavender Lemongrass with Vit E & Zinc Oxide Bath Soap

Lavender Lemongrass with Vit E & Zinc Oxide Bath Soap
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Lavender Lemongrass with Vit E & Zinc Oxide bath melt and pour soap is the best homemade soap that offers natural nourishment as well as aromatherapy

Benefits of ingredients: -
Lavender: In addition to providing calming therapy, lavender scents can also promotes blood circulation and adding nutrients to the skin cells. Lavender give relaxing effect tothe skin and reduce the inflammation that causes aging. In addition it can also act as antiseptic and antibacterial

Lemongrass: In addition to antiseptic and antibacterial, helps to sooth muscle sore/fatique, itching, reducing body odor, aromatherapy helps relieve fatigue, help with sleep disorders, anxiety and give a warmth and refreshing effect after bathing.

Zinc Oxide: Relief skin irritation and rashes

Vitamin E: acts as an antioxidant and helps protect skin against free radicals from sunlight.

Weight: 100+/-10gm

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