Herbal Body Soap with Menthol & Vit E

Herbal Body Soap with Menthol & Vit E
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Our Herbal Body Soap contain all the powerfull ingredients that benefits to woman skins and emotion. It is consists of ginger, angelica, lemongrass, menthol and Vitamin E.

It is the best alternative to maternity mothers who do not have the opportunity to enjoy the boiling herbal bath. Also suitable for all women as teraphy soap .

Ginger, angelica and lemongrass are the best combination in a soap that offers a lot of benefits to women to help refresh the fatigue body, remove the wind, improve blood circulation and many more.

Menthol gives a sensation of freshness after bathing while vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and protects the skin against free radicals from sunlight

About the herbs: –

Ginger: Remove the wind and warms the body, improve blood circulation, anti-aging, anti cellulite, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and removes dead skin cells

Angelica: Natural antioxidant, balance hormone levels and emotional stress, detox, relieve skin irritation and itchiness

Lemongrass: Aromatherapy helps relieve fatigue, relief tired muscles, helps sleep difficulties, anxiety and reduces body odor

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