Vet Clinic Remembrance Candle

Vet Clinic Remembrance CandleVet Clinic Remembrance CandleVet Clinic Remembrance CandleVet Clinic Remembrance CandleVet Clinic Remembrance CandleVet Clinic Remembrance CandleVet Clinic Remembrance Candle
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Listed on Apr 26, 2018 08:59
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After creating a pet memorial tea light to honour my own heart kitty, I received a request from a veterinarian, asking if I might make something similar to place in her hospital reception area. She was looking for a tasteful way to let waiting clients know when someone was saying good-bye to their beloved pet; and wanted something that was respectful and understated to prompt empathy and consideration for the owner/family who were saying their good-byes.

This pet memorial tea light is made from polymer clay, and is completely crafted by hand. Many painstaking hours of trial and error went into the design. One tea light takes approximately 6 hours to complete. As such, please allow a minimum of 5-7 business days’ creation time following the placement of your order.

The tea light base is 3.5” square, and it stands approx. 1.5” high. The memorial shade is a separate piece the sits freely in a slot on top of the base.

When your are READY TO ORDER:

1)  If it's your preference, you are welcome to choose a custom colour to match your reception decor. 

Or  . . . 

2) Choose from either Set ‘A’ or Set ‘B’ as shown in the photos.

Set ‘A’ (Gingko pattern) colour choices are:



Antique Gold

Set ‘B’ (Leaf pattern) colour choices are:

Basic Black

Basic Black with Silver highlighting,

Basic Black with Antique Gold highlighting.

Please ensure that your colour and pattern choice has been included with your order.

Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me, and I will be very pleased to assist you.

As POLYMER CLAY IS FLAMMABLE, the only safe light source that I recommend is a battery-operated tea light which will be included with your order at no additional cost.

Care Of Your Memorial Candle:

Simply dust with a dry cloth or if necessary, wipe gently with a damp cloth. The inscription on the memorial tea light shade has been treated with a water-based veneer, therefore please do not immerse the inscribed memorial shade in water.

Please DO NOT use commercially manufactured cleaning products on your tea light, as I have not tested their effects on polymer clay, and therefore, cannot recommend their use.


****** Please read my SHOP POLICY, prior to making your purchase. ******


IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THE SHIPPING RATE FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: I regret to inform my Canadian customers that the cost of shipping this tea light to a Canadian address, costs more than double what it costs to the USA ($28 within Canada, vs only $9 to the USA). This is a 'no frills' cost, that does not include tracking.

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