16 Quick T-Shirt Makeovers

16 Quick T-Shirt Makeovers
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Recently we shared some creative ideas to put some of those t-shirts to other uses on our blog and at our monthly SewTopia club. You know the ones we are talking about, the ones that have migrated to the bottom of the drawer. Here are sixteen Quick T-Shir

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DIY Embroidered T-Shirt | Jermaine Harper DIY Embroidered T-Shirt | Jermaine Harper

by Jermaine Harper

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Cute T-shirt Reconstruction Tutorial Cute T-shirt Reconstruction Tutorial

by coolirpa

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DIY • Cosmic Inspired T-Shirt DIY • Cosmic Inspired T-Shirt

by FashionRocksMySocks

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DIY: Chanel logo t-shirt DIY: Chanel logo t-shirt

by EliLikeMe

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