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Custom Design Dog TagCustom Design Dog TagCustom Design Dog TagCustom Design Dog Tag
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Are you dreaming of a certain pet tag style, but can’t find it anywhere? Or maybe you have a favourite collar that you think would be the “cat’s meow” if you only had the perfect i.d. tag to match? Well, look no further; you’ve come to the right shop! I’ve been making customers happy for quite awhile now!

You only need to send me an email and ask if your idea is something that I can do. Or, if you have a certain favourite collar, and you want a tag to match it, just send me a pic, and we can explore ideas. Custom tags are a little more costly, because of the lengthy time it takes, to design something new. This listing includes only a few of my happy customers, but you can see more smiling pups, kitties (and even a goat!), on my Facebook page, here:

These tags are one-of-a-kind pieces that were designed when we adopted a rescued racing greyhound; a breed which is very near and dear to my heart. I wanted a tag to match my dog’s collar, and from there, the ideas flew.

Your dog's name will be inscribed on the front of the tag, and your phone number will go on the back; unless design integrity would suggest that the name and contact info should go on the back.

The ink that I use will not smear, fade or scratch off, and I use a veneer to protect the inscription. A crystal bead adds the crowning touch, which is securely attached by means of a split ring.

I've been working with polymer clay for more than 25 years. Quality is of paramount importance, and I take great pride in everything I make. You will receive a quality piece!

Note about Process:

Please keep in mind that my custom items have not been partially or pre-made in any way. As such, and depending on the amount of work involved, usual creation time is 3-5 business days. A longer time frame is sometimes necessary when there is an influx of orders. When this happens, I always let my customers know how long they can expect to wait for their new tag’s completion. I also send photos of your finished tag prior to shipping, as I want you to be completely happy with it. I genuinely value your business, and do my utmost to create a quality item for your furkid. As a proud pet mama, I understand what a great feeling it is, to show off your baby!

Please ensure that the following information is included when placing your order:

a) PET'S NAME, and


IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Please ~~ DO NOT attach your new tag (or any tag) to the D-ring, or any other hardware that is used for attachment of the lead. Not only will this hasten the wear and tear of your tag, but it increases the likelihood of an accidental unleashing, should the lead be mistakenly hooked to the tag’s hardware. It only takes one mischievous squirrel to unnerve your pooch to bolt. The tag should ONLY be attached to the slide connector of a martingale, or other hardware component of the collar.

To clean your tag, a little automotive cleaner (eg. Armorall) will remove dirt, and give your tag a nice sheen.

Shipping Outside of Canada: Please keep in mind that customs procedures, prevent me from providing you with an accurate delivery time. My best "guesstimate" would be 2 weeks for continental U.S. destinations, however your wait will be well worth it!

On a final note, customer service doesn’t end with shipping. Should you have any concerns with your tag, please do let me know!



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