Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit
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My Zombie Survival Kit! Zombie Apocalypse or not, it always pays to be prepared for emergencies, natural disasters, home invasions, survival situations and the occasional "without rule of law" crisis! :) For your convenience I've listed the links from


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My Survival Kit Part 2 - (English)My Survival Kit Part 2 - (English)

by Giuliano Toniolo

29   2319

DIY Survival KitDIY Survival Kit

by 1TacticalMedic

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PSK - Personal Survival KitPSK - Personal Survival Kit

by IntenseAngler

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DIY Back 2 School Survival KitDIY Back 2 School Survival Kit

by AuntieTay

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Altoids Tin Survival Kit!Altoids Tin Survival Kit!

by xWillie763x

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