Tubular Herringbone Beadwork Stitch

Tubular Herringbone Beadwork Stitch
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Tubular herringbone is versatile and very easy to work up. In this tutorial, I use size 11 round Toho seed beads to cover a satin cord. You can use rounds or cylinders to work this stitch.

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Herringbone stitch 2Herringbone stitch 2

by ScarleyPooh

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How to - Tubular Herringbone StitchHow to - Tubular Herringbone Stitch

by Potomac Bead Company

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Herringbone stitch.MP4Herringbone stitch.MP4

by Virginia Hatton

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Seed Beading 931 - SuperDuo Tubular Knit HerringboneSeed Beading 931 - SuperDuo Tubular Knit Herringbone

by Potomac Bead Company

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