Steampunk Wall-E

Steampunk Wall-E
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Want to build one? Instructions at  ...  Also vote for us if you like it A WALL-E powered by a candle. Two peltier units convert the heat from the candle intro electricity. A PIC mi

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Papercraft - Wall-E 1.2 Papercraft - Wall-E 1.2

by Kenichi Rivas

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Papercraft - Wall-E 2.2 Papercraft - Wall-E 2.2

by Kenichi Rivas

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How to Make a Wall-E Eva How to Make a Wall-E Eva

by www123peppy

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RC WALL E Balloon RC WALL E Balloon

by HappyCabbie

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Wall-E | Polymer Clay Wall-E | Polymer Clay

by Katha Kiwi

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Origami Wall-E (Riki Saito) Origami Wall-E (Riki Saito)

by AxensWorkshops

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