Origami Seamless Cube

Origami Seamless Cube
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Having trouble? Try my slower tutorial here:  ... [Intermediate] How to fold a cube that does not have any creases or folds on any of the faces. This is my version of the classic cube from a 4X4 grid which was independently desig


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How to make an Origami Yoshimoto Cube by FKHow to make an Origami Yoshimoto Cube by FK

by František Kvintus

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Modular origami - modular cubeModular origami - modular cube

by masterfolder

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Origami Cube 2Origami Cube 2

by Fun to Origami

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2x2 Origami Rubiks Cube! (Sonobe)2x2 Origami Rubiks Cube! (Sonobe)

by Esther Choi

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Origami Cube Stand (Jo Nakashima)Origami Cube Stand (Jo Nakashima)

by Jo Nakashima

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