My homemade weapons collection

My homemade weapons collection
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Here are all of the homemade weapons i've made so far. And the tests are sped up, just if your wondering. ENJOY!!


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My perler bead collectionMy perler bead collection

by Grace Bucchare

12   2384

My first homemade knifeMy first homemade knife

by clkindred

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My Perler Bead Collection 2.My Perler Bead Collection 2.

by SarahLynnTea

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How to Make a Crossbow | Homemade Weapons - Zombie ApocalypseHow to Make a Crossbow | Homemade Weapons - Zombie Apocalyps

by HawkGuruHacker | How to | Crafts

67   11K

My new polymer charm collectionMy new polymer charm collection

by Denise Andes

16   1884