Latest Crochet Braid Styles

Latest Crochet Braid Styles
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These are some of the styles I've done over the past several months. I had a couple of failed attempts with the straighter textures. Did not like the Finger Roll hair at all. It just wouldn't behave! It kept slipping out. So, I'm sticking with the cu

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Crochet braid weave wig part 2Crochet braid weave wig part 2

by Teresa Rogers

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Retouching crochet protective stylesRetouching crochet protective styles

by xxxMzDivaxxx

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Crochet. Tree Braid 1 attempt tutorial prt 2Crochet. Tree Braid 1 attempt tutorial prt 2

by ThaShoStoppa05

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Crochet Wig Tutorial: Jamaica BraidCrochet Wig Tutorial: Jamaica Braid

by KinkyTodayKnotTomorrow

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