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 ...  - DNA is a variation on the Wall/Corkscrew lanyard (scoubidou, boondoggle).You will need:4 pieces of craft lace - 3 shorter pieces of equal length, and 1 longer piece that is 2 times the length of one of the shorter pieces1' of

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DNA bead smallDNA bead small

by Kate Ewalt

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DNA TutorialDNA Tutorial

by MewTube3000

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How to Make the DNA Utility Strap by TIATHow to Make the DNA Utility Strap by TIAT

by TyingItAllTogether

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Origami DNA - Paper Model (NO BGM)Origami DNA - Paper Model (NO BGM)

by Kwak Minseok

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How to Build a DNA Box ModHow to Build a DNA Box Mod

by Find My Vapes

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DNA ReplicationDNA Replication

by CoolScienceVideos

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