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We are testing out an awesome Spa kit that Aydah received for Christmas. This is an awesome kit and we definitely recommend it!! You can purchase this kit at Barnes N Noble. The ingredients are very nice and the kit was very affordable. We make the Hawaii

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Jewelry Dish DIY - AIR DRY CLAY Jewelry Dish DIY - AIR DRY CLAY

by foxx berry

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Bromham Millers Mosaic Workshop Bromham Millers Mosaic Workshop

by BromhamMillers

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Halloween Decorations Halloween Decorations

by nctv17

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"Dip Glazing" with Polycrylic Tutorial "Dip Glazing" with Polycrylic Tutorial

by GettingCrafty101

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Note Cards Gift folder Note Cards Gift folder

by mplsbetty

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Origami Buckyball Origami Buckyball

by Bill Simon

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