✾ ❃ ❁ D.I.Y. GrosGrain Ribbon Kanzashi Flower - Tutorial ✾ ❃ ❁

✾ ❃ ❁ D.I.Y. GrosGrain Ribbon Kanzashi Flower - Tutorial ✾ ❃ ❁
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In this tutorial, learn how to make these beautiful Grosgrain Ribbon Kanzashi Flower. It can be attached to a purse, a shirt, a barrette or any other fashion accessory of your choice.Happy New Year 2015!!!Happy Crafting!!!❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁

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