D.I.Y Beanie Embellishments

D.I.Y Beanie Embellishments
  The Fashion Citizen
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Beanies are all the rage for the fall, so I'm showing you guys how to take a basic beanie to the next level. Hope you all enjoy and let us know who you would embellish you beanies for the fall. XOXO Melissa and Steph Inspiration: Jil Sander http://mj


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D.I.Y. Listerine Foot Soak D.I.Y. Listerine Foot Soak

by Lipstick Te

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D.I.Y. Watercolor Clothing D.I.Y. Watercolor Clothing

by Brittani Louise Taylor

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✾  D.I.Y. Organza Flower Minnie Mouse Headband ✾ ✾ D.I.Y. Organza Flower Minnie Mouse Headband ✾

by MyInDulzens - Handmade Flower

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