Bird Abode Series: April Showers

Bird Abode Series:  April Showers
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A paper crafting bird house series featuring a different birdhouse and enclosed Mini Album each month. each mini album will be a different binding method.Blog:  ... Website:  ... Ustream:

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September Bird Abode:  School DaysSeptember Bird Abode: School Days

by FollowThePaperTrail

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Hama Bead Bird (Animal Series #7)Hama Bead Bird (Animal Series #7)

by HamaBeadPatterns123

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Designer's Calendar Series-AprilDesigner's Calendar Series-April

by maxandshoji

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"April Showers Brings May Flowers" Contest & Flower Tutorial

by Shabby Vintage Couture - ILuvVint

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Specialty Bird Abode:  Gazebo Bird HouseSpecialty Bird Abode: Gazebo Bird House

by FollowThePaperTrail

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